Success Story

Credit Union Customer Success Story

Transitioning to Cutting-Edge Financial Service Delivery 

At a glance

When a large credit union wanted to upgrade their card processing capabilitiein order to deliver an industry-leading member experiencethey turned to a trusted partner. While their internal development team had the expertise, they were busy managing a critical transition to a new core processor. 

With Polaris, the organization achieved:

  • Fast, seamless rollout with no member complaints 
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Modern software development 

About the Customer

With more than 400,000 customers and over 60 years of experience, this large community credit union in the western U.S strives to improve members’ quality of life by providing them with high quality financial services. They have been honored by Forbes as the best in-state credit union and recognized by multiple local business journals. 

The Challenge

Converting to a new core processor is a significant, years-long challenge for any credit union. Our customer had been contending with ongoing issues with their core processor for years and were ready to make the switch – but they also wanted to upgrade to a new credit and debit card processing vendor. We took ownership of the entire process – from primary development to certification testing with the card processing vendor – so that the customer’s team could focus on the core. 

The new card processing platform needed to integrate with the credit union’s primary online banking site and mobile app. Our customer’s goal was for the changeover to go so smoothly that members would not notice. They also requested that we facilitate a pilot period of one month where they could test the new card processor while running the old one. Because the old card processor didn’t have a live API, some features did need to be taken offline briefly while the data was ported over, but we were able to migrate it in under 48 hours and there was minimal disruption. 

The Results

When the new card processor went live, the credit union braced themselves for a surge of negative feedback at the call center, but it never came. Members were satisfied with the service they were receiving anunaware of the changeover to a new vendor. Our customer, who throughout the process was very protective of their member base and their happiness, was able to continue delivering the top-quality financial services they’re known for. And by handling certification testing with the card vendor, we were able to shield the customer from additional stress in the midst of a long-term, high-stakes development project. Key benefits that Polaris brought to the engagement include: 

  • End-to-end ownership – Polaris took the project across the finish line, freeing the customer to focus on a different high-priority project 
    Modern software development – card processing will now interface more smoothly with the core processor, providing a better member experience 
  • Security – enabling a 1-month pilot period gave the customer peace of mind that the new card processing platform would function smoothly on day one