Success Story

Clearent Customer Success Story

Charging Ahead with Modern Merchant Onboarding

At a glance

When payments processing provider Clearent needed a modern, efficient merchant onboarding tool to keep up with explosive growth and work towards becoming the most highly recommended provider in the industry, they turned to a trusted partner.

With Polaris, Clearent achieved:

  • Scaled Agile Framework education and DevOps enablement
  • Application innovation

About Clearent

Founded in 2005, Clearent is an integrated payments solution provider whose hard stance on hidden credit card processing fees and pricing tricks has driven the St. Louis-based company to 450,000 merchants, 500 million transactions totaling $16 billion in processing volume, and the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. 

“Our reps and our partners are going to see a radically different experience with bringing merchants on. It’s going to be faster, cleaner, and easier for them to use.”

Daniel Burton
Product Management, Clearent


The Challenge

Clearent’s innovative .NET dev team has built proprietary payment technologies from the ground up, including their Horizon™ Processing Engine, Quest™ Payment Gateway, and Compass® Reporting Tool. But when Microsoft veteran Mark Sundt started as CTO in 2014, their biggest challenge was shipping products on time. “It’s not only about talent,” says Sundt, “it’s about process. Polaris has the process behind the talent.” Polaris was brought in on multiple technical projects, but also “did a wonderful job” helping Clearent double down on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). In 2018, when facing a mission-critical need to build an innovative merchant onboarding tool on an aggressive timeline, Clearent’s leadership knew exactly where to turn. 

The Results: Clearent Launch

With the new system, Clearent’s sales reps and partners needed an easy way to set up an ever-increasing number of merchant accounts. Additional requirements included an ability to bring on new merchants in the field, from any device, and within seconds–so they could spend less time onboarding and more time selling. We worked with the Clearent team and end users to quickly identify the shortest path to these priorities. By automating stages like underwriting and taking guesswork out of equipment setup, together we were able to bring core steps of the merchant onboarding and activation process down to just 30 seconds with Clearent Launch. The system also gives reps/partners a live view of a new merchant’s status from anywhere in the field. Key outcomes include:

  • Fast Time-to-Value – 20 weeks from discovery to delivery
  • Increased Efficiency – 9-question net reduction in underwriting resulting in just 30 seconds from from Auto-Underwriting to Equipment Setup to Activation
  • Modern, Mobile Platform – reps and partners can work in the field, from smartphones or tablets