Ensuring Every Step Secure with Azure DevOps and GitHub Webinar

by Polaris Solutions on May 6, 2021



Polaris SMEs discuss how Microsoft enables DevSecOps, or secure DevOps, for apps on the cloud (and anywhere) with Azure DevOps and GitHub. From code scanning and analysis, to dependency and vulnerability management, the tools provided by Microsoft ensure you’re thinking of security far left on the timeline and throughout your delivery process.

Key Topics

• Why should I care about DevSecOps?
• Most effective approaches to DevSecOps on Azure DevOps & GitHub
• Enabling security across every step: Code Scanning, Dependency Checker and Vulnerability Management
• Building your DevSecOps strategy

We want to make sure you are following the best DevSecOps practices at your organization. We are offering FREE 2-hour DevSecOps Strategy Workshop, in which our SMEs will delve into your current processes and brainstorm potential approaches to implement Azure DevOps in your organization. Click learn more and send us your contact info and someone from the Polaris team will get back to you regarding next steps! 

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