Success Story

Aspire Customer Success Story

Clearing the Path to Modernization

At a glance

Aspire needed a cloud-based rewrite of their core product offering to maintain their competitive advantage as the gold standard of software for landscaping and snow/ice services companies. Their internal development team had the expertise, but couldn’t execute a rewrite within the desired timeframe while balancing other critical priorities.

With Polaris, Aspire achieved:

  • Completely revamped UI & UX
  • Modern, cloud-based architecture
  • Lean/Agile project delivery & training


“We found in Polaris a very similar culture–a straightforward, down-to-earth team that was all about getting the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible. With them, we implemented a system that is on the absolute bleeding edge of Angular and .NET need to spend any time updating in the near future.”

Dan Blake
Chief Technology Officer, Aspire Softwareaspire


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Since 2013, Aspire has aimed to provide the best software for landscaping and snow services companies. The Chesterfield, MO-based company makes a real difference in customers’ lives with a cloud-based platform that offers the end-to-end functionality contractors need to gain full visibility into their business, make better decisions, and increase profit margins. Aspire is trusted by more than 34,000 users in over 800 locations to manage nearly $3 billion in landscape-industry revenue.





The Challenge

As Aspire’s incoming CTO, Dan Blake saw an opportunity to modernize Aspire’s core enterprise resource planning product before it became critical. The platform was built on outdated tech, and its UI required intensive training and support efforts and had become a blocker to closing new sales. Blake knew his team had the necessary skill set, but that the right partner could get the work done in months, rather than years. “We needed to get through it as quickly as possible,” said Blake. “If we had done it ourselves, it would have taken 2.5 years.”


The Results

Enter Polaris. Once Aspire’s development team determined we were just the right culture fit, they brought us in on a Phase 0 project along with one other potential partner. That involved some of the redesign and building out one of their product’s modules–the equipment module–to demonstrate our understanding of the application. At that stage, Blake found our work to be “head and shoulders above the competition” and made the decision to move ahead with the modernization using Polaris alone.

From there, we worked with Blake and team to overhaul the entire user interface and user experience and build out the internal software architecture to provide a more flexible and resilient code base. Our experienced Agilists managed the incremental development, testing, and deployment of new features, and also helped Aspire implement new internal workflows and planning processes so they can confidently take the product forward.

Aspire’s new application levels up every aspect of their customer’s journey–from a more impactful product demo and improved sales close rate at the start to simplified onboarding to better search and navigation features. All in all, it empowers Aspire to continue doing what they do best: transforming the way landscaping and snow services companies work and grow.