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With Application Modernization from Polaris Solutions, your old software will work better, run faster, and make your people more effective. start your projectBuild a Successful App Mod Strategy
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Old, outdated software holds your business back.

Broken Tech

Company performance has hit a bottleneck because critical apps run too slowly — or just don't work at all.

Changing Needs

When your custom software was developed, your business looked completely different. Now, new people and new needs change everything.

"Solutions" That Don't Evolve

Incrementally adding features is time-consuming, if it's even possible. SaaS is an ongoing (and expensive) commitment.

Modernize Your Applications

Polaris Solutions provides App Modernization to transform your aging software into useful, effective tools that make your business stronger.

Versions You
Can Touch

You and your users will know the modernized application fits your business. Our process produces test builds you can see and touch in every iteration.

On-Demand Project Dashboard

Stay on top of these critical projects with on-demand tracking through project dashboards. Know everything you need to know, when you need to know it.

Tested, Reliable

The tools and components we use are tried and tested. Your modernized software will run smoothly, work correctly, be extensible and do the things you need it to do.

Polaris is at your side.


Customer Story

"Polaris dropped in the team and showed us the way."Dan Blake, CTO Aspire

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Customer Story

"Polaris are the sharpshooters of .NET development."Mark Sundt, CTO Clearent

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Bring your apps — and your company — up to date with help from Polaris Solutions.

  • Experienced - With Polaris, you are never alone. We've modernized thousands of applications for all kinds of businesses.
  • Trusted - Microsoft uses Polaris Solutions to develop modern cloud, mobile responsive, intuitive software for their clients.
  • Effective - Our people are our edge. With years of proven results, you'll know you've got a team ready to deliver on your outcomes.

For more than 12 years, we've been helping businesses transform their most vital business applications into fast, powerful tools that users love.

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Your business applications are the muscles of your company. Make them stronger and healthier with App Modernization from Polaris Solutions.

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Polaris AppMod Playbook

Building a Successful Application Modernization Strategy

We designed this eBook to help IT leaders build a successful app mod strategy in five easy steps. It leverages Polaris Solutions’ century-plus of combined experience building custom software, modernizing legacy apps, and empowering IT teams to transform their organizations.


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