About Us Find out what makes us tick!

Our Philosophy

People first. Without this key ingredient, predictability is lacking, success is difficult, and the challenges add up. Having a great team means having great people. That’s where Polaris started – we put our own people first. Bring in Polaris to help your own teams learn how to be successful in the projects they take on.

The RIGHT process. There’s no one right process for everyone. You don’t need religion when it comes to other things you do, why would you need that in Agile, Kanban, or Scrum. Yes, we help our clients adopt Agile methodologies, but not all places are the same. You are different – your people, your environment, and you need a process that fits YOUR needs.

Everything is not a nail, and you’re not a hammer. Polaris works to help you adopt the right tools for your challenges. Adopting the right tools helps you get your work done, it’s not about necessarily working for the sole purpose of adopting some new tool. Implementing and customizing tools should let you manage your work, and have better visibility when your goals can be achieved. Polaris brings its depth of experience in technologies and tools to bear to let you work the way you want to.