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You need to see value in your project quickly. Our unique approach allows us to deliver value in just two weeks, or you don't pay.

Make It Frictionless

Inefficiency costs time. More time equals more money. Money out the door shrinks your profits. Software from Polaris is all about increasing efficiency and productivity.

Failure is Not an Option

75% of software projects fail to meet objectives — or just fail completely. You can't afford that. Polaris delivers on objectives, and we do it on-time, every time.


Do you struggle with:

  • Software projects overrun budgets and timelines?
  • End results that don't match your vision?
  • New software that fails to make your job easier?
  • Offshore resources that don't deliver on objectives?

Talk to the Experts at Polaris about making these problems disappear

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You deserve applications that work for you.

Software should make everything easier, not harder. The development process should be smooth, and the end result should meet your objectives. Always.


Our clients trust Polaris Solutions for effective, efficient software development.

"We found in Polaris a very similar culture–a straightforward, down-to-earth team that was all about getting the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible. With them, we implemented a system that is on the absolute bleeding edge of Angular and .NET need to spend any time updating in the near future."

Dan Blake, CTO
Aspire Software


Why Custom Software?

You have developed purpose-built workflows for your business. You need purpose-built software to power them. We call that Custom Software.

  • Tailored to Your Business - Custom Software solutions are based on your objectives and needs, not someone else's.
  • Streamlines Your Operations & Processes - Free your people from tedious tasks that drain initiative, energy, and imagination.
  • No Bloat - Get everything you want in a Custom Software solution, without unnecessary features you'll never use.

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Custom Software Development Services St. Louis

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Custom Software Development Solutions: Application Modernization
Custom Software Development Services: DevOps Implementation
Custom Software Development St. Louis - Azure Cloud Migration

Application Modernization

Modern workers expect — and need — modern tools to do their job. Replace outdated applications with modern software so you can better automate workflows and stop losing workforce time to inefficiency.


DevOps Implementation

DevOps has become the preferred way of developing, maintaining, and upgrading business applications. Polaris Solutions is the partner you can trust to bring the "secret sauce" for a successful DevOps implementation.


Azure Cloud Migration

Employees need to be able to do their work from any location, on any device. Stop wasting money staffing and maintaining data centers, and all the associated hardware infrastructure. It's time to move to the cloud.



Customer Story

"Polaris dropped in the team and showed us the way."Dan Blake, CTO Aspire

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Customer Story

"Polaris are the sharpshooters of .NET development."Mark Sundt, CTO Clearent

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Polaris Proven Process

Custom Software Development Solutions St. Louis

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2Get Things Done

We will execute your project. Polaris Solutions puts over a dozen years of wide-ranging experience to work for you.

3Deliver a great product

Your project will achieve your objectives, on time and on budget. Developing software should always be this easy.

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Bring your business to the forefront of your industry. Custom software from Polaris Solutions is the tool you need to take your next big step.

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Polaris AppMod Playbook

Building a Successful Application Modernization Strategy

We designed this eBook to help IT leaders build a successful app mod strategy in five easy steps. It leverages Polaris Solutions’ century-plus of combined experience building custom software, modernizing legacy apps, and empowering IT teams to transform their organizations.


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