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DEV LUNCH: Mythbusters - Cloud Edition

by Clint Edmonson on April 30, 2018

Both Amazon and Windows Azure now offer dozens of services upon which to build amazing technology solutions. Navigating this array of code named, ever evolving capabilities can be dizzying. And what about the promises they made to us? Reduce your data center footprint. Lower your costs. Get more resiliency. Be more secure. Solve bigger problems. Do they live up to these promises? Do both vendors have equal parity at this point?

Bring your questions and join us for a lively, interactive session where we separate fact from fiction and share our hard learned lessons about what's working and what's not in cloud computing.

Complimentary lunch will be provided.

Tue,  May 22    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM      St. Louis, MO              REGISTER NOW!