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Announcing the Polaris Innovation Repository

by Clint Edmonson on December 04, 2017

One of our core values is inventiveness and one of the great perks of working at Polaris is the dedicated time we are given to follow our intellectual pursuits. Our Innovation Days benefit gives every consultant full autonomy to spend 3 days working on a technology project of their choice.

These ideas are not vetted by management, subject to anyone's approval, or directed by leadership in any way. We want our consultants to have the chance to work on something they're truly passionate about. The only requirement is that the results are demonstrated to leadership to allow us to leverage and showcase great innovations to our customers.

This week we're proud to announce we have created the official Polaris Innovation repository on We've chosen this platform to demonstrate our inventiveness and show it off in a concrete manner. Visitors can see our ideas, the actual code, and the application created as opposed to simply having marketing text claiming that "we're innovative too!"

Our first innovation project is a real-time Emotion Detector. It was built by our very own Jacob Maki using WPF and Microsoft Cognitive Services API to graph emotions in near real time. The UI supports tracking emotions via a webcam and screen scraping the primary monitor, enabling the user to track emotions across multiple video conferencing applications if desired.


Please stop by our Polaris Innovation repository and check it out. And check back regularly for more exciting projects to come.